American Dream Journeys

Helping you achieve the American Dream
of Homeownership.





Home ownership assistance.Seminar Highlights

There are masses of people in this country that do not realize the opportunity that is here for them.

If they have little or no money, then they don’t think they can purchase a home.  So why bother to pick up the telephone to inquire?

If they are credit challenged, here again they think the door is closed.  So they don’t pick up the telephone.

Our seminars covers in detail such little-known topics as:

  • Government Loans – FHA, VA and USDA Programs
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs
  • Credit Issues and how to resolve them
  • Contracts and the negotiation of the contract
  • Discussion of employee’s journey
           Step 1 – loan application walk thru
           Step 2 – future 1-on-1 conversation, evaluation of employee and estimated time/length of journey
           Step 3 – continuation of follow up and combined commitments
           Finish Line – Homeownership